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Unlock Exclusive Wholesale Pricing Today with Nephron Nitrile!

Join Nephron Nitrile’s Wholesale Buyer Network now and gain instant access to unbeatable deals and our comprehensive range of top-quality nitrile products. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business with competitive pricing and unparalleled service. Click here to sign up and start saving!

Established in 2021, Nephron Nitrile is the largest US manufacturer of Nitrile gloves. We are the industry's most trusted brand for high quality nitrile gloves. If your business prioritizes top-tier products, consistent supply, and competitive pricing, you belong in the Nephron Nitrile network.

Why Join Our Wholesale Buyer Network?

Exclusive Deals

Gain access to exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else! Whether you’re looking to reduce costs or ensure a steady supply of premium gloves, our wholesale network is your gateway to exceptional offers tailored for discerning businesses. Don’t miss out—start reaping the benefits of our unbeatable wholesale pricing!


Trusted Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer, we’re committed to delivering only the finest nitrile gloves that meet the highest industry standards. When you partner with Nephron Nitrile, you’re choosing a legacy of superior craftsmanship, consistent quality, and  reliability. Trust us to provide the protection your business needs.

Made In America

When you choose our gloves, you're supporting local manufacturing and getting top-tier quality that’s trusted by professionals nationwide.  Embrace excellence—choose Nephron Nitrile for unmatched quality, made right here in America. Discover Superior American-Made Quality with Nephron Nitrile!

Is Our Wholesale Buyer Network for you?

Healthcare & Dental

We are proud to be a trusted partner for a wide range of industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, food service to emergency services, our commitment to quality and reliability drives us to support the unique needs of each sector we serve.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Emergency Services & Law Enforcement

Retail & Distribution

Request a Sample

We stand behind the quality of our gloves and want you to experience them firsthand. Request a free sample by filling out the form below. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Taking Samples
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