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We are a South Carolina company supporting our national security enterprise, local jobs, and the hands that heal us using a local U.S. labor force to produce U.S. manufactured medical examination and general purpose nitrile gloves.

Nephron Nitrile was born in response to the public health and supply chain challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our purpose is to support American workers with the critical protection they need.

Our investment was 100% private sector – no federal tax payer funds were used to build the Nephron Nitrile facility that produces the gloves America's heroes deserve.

Made in the Carolina's logo

American made may not be the least expensive option but as grandma would say, you get what you pay for with:


Stricter Regulations

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict regulations for medical devices, including medical examination gloves. Adherence to FDA regulations ensures safety and efficacy of products which translates into higher quality of product versus looser regulations in other countries. Manufacturing in the US allows for closer oversight of the production process and quality control measures. Our customers and FDA can visit the factory anytime and meet our team.


Reduced Reliance on Overseas Manufacturing

Manufacturing domestically reduces reliance on overseas suppliers. During the pandemic, many experienced limited accesses to stock, time delays. We don’t want our customers to experience these challenges in times of disruption or political tension.


Faster Response Times

Shorter distances can mean faster response times to meet fluctuating demand or emergencies. Efficient response time in the PPE manufacturing sector are vital for maintaining national health security and resilience against future crises.


Made In the Carolinas

Domestic manufacturing creates jobs in the US economy

Sustainable Manufacturing

Domestic manufacturing eliminates CO2 emissions from ships, our zero liquid discharge water system recycles water used for production, closed oil system reduces smoke emissions and doesn’t expose employees to open flames, and use of copolymer instead of chlorine as a donning agent eliminates risk of contaminating the environment. 


We are proud to partner with distributors, small businesses, and specifically small disabled veterans’ businesses.

American Labor

Labor cost is higher in America compared to other countries, but our worker’s commitment to quality and to supporting our nation is worth the investment. This forward-looking approach ensures that the labor force remains agile and prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, safeguarding economic health and opportunity for future generations.

Made in America

Supply that is produced domestically eliminates: lead time and reliance on imported PPE from foreign sources, risk of withhold release orders (WRO), and potential delays caused by FDA inspections.

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