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 Certainty of Supply™ Program

What is a Certainty of Supply Program?

A structured initiative implemented by us as the manufacturer to ensure a consistent and reliable availability of nitrile gloves to our customers within the United States. This program is designed to mitigate uncertainties related to the procurement and delivery of essential PPE, thereby guaranteeing a steady and uninterrupted flow of supply to meet market demand.

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The Problem

The frequency of supply chain disruptions has dramatically increased since the year 2000. One of the most recent disruptors, COVID-19, epitomizes how the supply chain can change seemingly overnight.

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The Cause

Foreign Reliance. 90% of imported supply is from SE Asia and China with little support for USA made nitrile gloves. Hospitals and supply chains are persuaded to do business with the same distributors who failed them in the time of need. 


The Solution

100% of the supply that is produced domestically eliminates lead time and reliance on imported PPE from foreign sources. By partnering directly with a manufacturer your protecting customer resources. 

Why deal with distributors that put you on allocation during the pandemic?

You don't have to anymore...Work directly with Nephron Nitrile!

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Nitrile Powder-free Examination Black & Blue Gloves Tested For Use With Chemotherapy Drugs and Fentanyl

  • Ambidextrous

  • Fingertip Textured

  • Made In America

  • Non-sterile

  • Not made with Natural Rubber

  • Rolled & Beaded Cuff

  • Single Use Only

  • Sizes: XS-XXL

  • Powder-free

FDA Cleared

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Your Partner in Protection

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